Time Usage After School Poll

Mariah Washington, Staff Writer

Data representing the four options of how students spend time after school.

A sample of 25 Mill Creek students was taken during the sixth period lunch. The survey was on time usage after school, in which the students were asked, “How do you spend primarily spend your time after school?”

The students were given four options to choose from; studying and completing homework, participating in sports or clubs, resting or relaxing with TV, or spending quality time with friends and family.

Only 16% of students that participated in the poll said that they spent the majority of their time after school doing home or studying. 

20% of the students said that they participate in sports or clubs after school and 24% said they spend most of their time with friends and family.

Out of the choices available, the option that was the most popular was resting and relaxing taking 40% of the votes. Many students say that after they get home from school, they spend the majority of their time sleeping.