2024 Spring Dance Show

Sixth-period dance performing their dance to the song, Dracula, by Labrinth at the beginning of the dance show.
Sixth-period dance performing their dance to the song, “Dracula,” by Labrinth at the beginning of the dance show.
Alan Stewart

The Mill Creek Dance Department hosted its semi-annual dance show on April 18-20th. The theme for this show was “Let’s Get Loud!” Starting Act One of the dance show, first period danced to, “Fancy Footwork,” by Chromeo. The dance was choreographed by Lexi Teaney, 11. Then, sixth period performed, “Dracula,” by Labrinth which was choreographed by student Irulan Forbes, 11. Fourth-period dance follwed behind with “Bang Bang,” by Nicki Minaj which was choreographed by dance composition student Julia McDonough, 12. Then, the seventh-period dance performed, “Glamorous” by Fergie was choreographed by Layla Figures, 12. Next was sixth period and they danced, to “Pure Honey,” by Beyonce. Their dance was choreographed by Camryn Wilhoit, 12.

Second period performed to, “Burn It Up,” by Janet Jackson and was choreographed by student dance composition student Allie Hall, 12. The student choreographers Lauren Barry, 12, and Meghan Baggs, 12, choreographed first-period dance to, “Hold On.” Next up, Xaria Holt, 12, danced and choreographed her solo to, “Almost There,” by Anika Noni Rose. Then fourth-period dance was performed in, “Just Fine,” by Mary J. Blidge and was choreographed by student choreographer Tylar Green, 11, and Reese Votto, 11. Then, Figures, Hall, Samantha Jimenez, 11, Reagan Larson, 12, Cole Lovelady, 9, McDonough, and Annie Torres, 12, danced to, “Cold Hearted Snake,” and was choreographed by Hall and Figures.

Then, Mill Creek Alumni, Elizabeth O’Neal, choreographed the seventh period’s dance to, “Brittany,” by Brittany Spears. Then, Hall choreographed second period to, “Hand Jive,” by Sha Na Na. Then, Hannah Baggs, 9, and Meghan Baggs, 12, performed a sister duet to, “Just Us,” by James Aurthur. Following was sixth period, in which they performed, “Like a Boy,” by Ciara and was choreographed by PG Stewart, 12. Finishing off Act One, was first-period dance to the song, “Stargazing,” by Kygo which was choreographed by Hall.

Starting Act Two, Larson choreographed first period to, “It’s a Party,” which was put together by various artists. Then, student choreographer Hall, choreographed, “Move,” by Jennifer Hudson for second-period dancers. Following second period, was sixth period performing, “Vibeology” by Paula Abdul which was choreographed by Taylor Keister, 11. Continuing the show was Hall and Lovelady, they choreographed and performed a duet to, “Love in the Dark,” by Adele.

Fourth period continued and performed, “You’re Gonna Go Far,” by Noah Kahan which was choreographed by Suzanne Muck. Next, was first period, “Give Us a Little Love,” by Fallulah and was choreographed by Audrey Hager, 11. Then alumni guest choreographer, Bhelen Thompson coordinated seventh period’s dance to, “Hollaback Girl,” by Gwen Stafani. Following, dance composition student McDonough choreographed and performed a solo to, “Dancing On My Own,” by Calum Scott. Following McDonough was Barry, Anna Bubelis, 11, Cate Charmicheal, 11, and Natalie Garcia, 11, danced to, “Old Friends,” by Ben Rector.

Seniors, Sadie Flammer and Ella Lee choreographed fourth period’s dance to, “Don’t Stop the Party,” by Pitbull. Following was first period, they performed, “Beyonce,” a mashup of Beyonce songs throughout her career. This was choreographed by McDonough. Next up, was second period, in which they performed, “Praying,” by Kesha which was choreographed by Muck. Following was sixth period, the performance to, “Dance the Night Away,” by Dua Lipa, and was choreographed by student choreographer, Cooper Constantino. Figures choreographed, “Turning Tables,” by Adele for seventh period’s dance. Finishing out the night was Mill Creek’s Dance Seniors of 24′ to various songs of Rihanna.


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