2017-2018 Staff

Vanessa Medina

Online Editor

Hello, I am Vanessa Medina. I am the Online Editor and I am super honored because I love Journalism. I hope to major in Journalism and possibly work for The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal. This is a great start to what...

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Michelle Ortiz

Editor in Chief

Hello, I am Michelle Ortiz.  I have been in journalism programs since middle school. I aspire to be an investigative journalist and work for the Washington Post as an adult. Their slogan "Democracy dies in darkness," speaks t...

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Collins Sainovich

Co-Editor in Chief

This is my third year on staff. I enjoy journalism and design.

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Madison Jackson


My name is Madison Jackson. I love to people watch, read, and write poetry. One day I hope that my passion for analyzing people helps me be a better journalist and  write interesting stories. Being a part of the Mill Creek Chronicle...

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Maggie Mosley


I joined newspaper because I enjoy informing students about what is going on in the community. I like to know what is going on in the school and the newspaper is a fast and easy way to get that information.

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Mark Pierre


A sophomore who looks into the niche and obscure interests surrounding Mill Creek.

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Sapphire Brooks

Staff Writer

Hello all, my name is Sapphire Brooks. I love to read and write and I hope to one day turn these passions into a bestselling book. I live for a good story either between the pages of a thick novel, or one that is unfolding before...

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Tiffany Price


I want to be an article writer and editor as my career. I thought Newspaper would be a good start towards my career.

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Taylor Johnson

Staff writer

Hi there! I'm new to the newspaper staff and exited to learn! I've always enjoyed all forms of Journalism from newspaper to novel writing. I hope to use this class as an opportunity to use my writing in my future.

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Hannah Coffield

Staff Writer

I joined newspaper in order to be able to release accurate and reliable news and to gain experience in journalism.

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Meaghan Exantus

Staff Writer

I'm Meaghan; my inability to properly introduce myself in no way depicts my writing capabilities- I just know absolutely nothing about myself. My aesthetic consists of speaking, despite the looks I may receive; trying to be as...

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