Spotlight: Kimora Riggins

Kimora Riggins, 10, in downtown Helen with her family for vacation.
Kimora Riggins, 10, in downtown Helen with her family for vacation.
Krystal Riggins

Kimora Riggins, 10, is a Mill Creek student. Riggins participated in the school track team, as well as cheer outside of school. Last season, Riggins was injured with a  torn ACL. This injury changed her life, but also taught her some important lessons, she explained, “Over the past year its been hard having to step away from cheer and not be able to participate in this years track season due to therapy, but I have also learned that in order for me to get where  I want to be, I need to stay positive and give my all in order to achieve my goals.”

Riggins has a deep connection to track, she expressed, “I love running because its a super competitive sport and a great way to push myself to grow.” She has grown over the years, due to her teammates and friends, she stated, “My teammates and friends have helped me the most throughout track and cheer, they have supported me through everything and they continue to push me to do better and give my best.”

After Riggins gets cleared for sports by her therapist, she plans on rejoining the school track team and getting back in cheer. Although she is undergoing her therapy, she has a positive outlook on her future, she explained, “My therapy and not being cleared yet has really had a deep effect on me and I really want to get back into my sports and be able to be with my teams and eventually graduate with my team.”

Outside of sports and school, Riggins enjoys spending time with her friends and family and doing certain activities, she explains, “I like to watch television, go shopping, take photos and travel.” Beyond high school, she aims to go to college and get a degree in Psychology, she described, “After high school I plan on attending college and getting a degree in Psychology so that I can be able to help others and guide them on a path to success.”

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