The Future of AI

AI being used to collect data info by an Analyst.
AI being used to collect data info by an Analyst.
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Artificial Intelligence, AI, has started to take rise in our society and earth as a whole. Programs now that have forms of AI are Snapchat, ChatGPT, Microsoft, GitHub, and even apps that are specifically used for AI. Some outcomes of AI are highly debated on both sides, Lee Rainie with the Pew Research Center explained, “Artificial intelligence (AI) is spreading through society into some of the most important sectors of people’s lives – from health care and legal services to agriculture and transportation. As Americans watch this proliferation, they are worried in some ways and excited in others.”

AI has many benefits being that it can be very reliable in the healthcare and medical fields when it comes to performance accuracy and successfulness. AI can make procedures and outcomes significantly faster and more accurate, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute stated, “An AI algorithm can more quickly and reliably see what features make a patient higher risk for poor outcomes than I or even a team of well-trained clinicians ever could. That’s the power of AI.”

Another benefit from AI is how much more advanced it makes technology. The amount of data and information AI can hold is beyond that of a typical computer or phone, Mike Thomas from Built-in explained, “AI’s ability to analyze massive amounts of data and convert its findings into convenient visual formats can also accelerate the decision-making process. Company leaders don’t have to spend time parsing through the data themselves, instead using instant insights to make informed decisions.”

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