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Mr. Gregory Marr, AP Physics Instructor, and his daughter, Taylor Marr, posing for a selfie.
Mr. Gregory Marr, AP Physics Instructor, and his daughter, Taylor Marr, posing for a selfie.
Photo Courtesy: Gregory Marr

Mr. Greg Marr is an AP Physics teacher here at Mill Creek. Marr’s mother was a teacher and three of his uncles were teachers as well, which led to him wanting to become a teacher. Marr has been at Mill Creek since the school opened in 2004, when all the traditions were developed. He has been teaching for 27 years and has taught AP Physics throughout those 27 years. Before teaching at Mill Creek, Marr began teaching AP Physics at North Gwinnet in 1998 but came to Mill Creek to start something new.

Marr is this year’s STAR Teacher, and he was selected by STAR Student Esther Jung, who scored a perfect SAT score this year. Esther is taking AP Physics this year, and chose Marr as her STAR Teacher because of his valuable teaching methods and humorous personality. Marr knew Jung before she was one of his students, having Jung’s older brother as one of his students as well. Marr says he clicked with Jung personally, and as a student she is responsible, a hard worker, and a good communicator.

However, this is not the first time Marr has been selected as STAR Teacher, “I have just been blessed to teach really smart kids for a long time.” Marr does not directly prepare his students for the SAT, but he says there are similarities between AP exams and the SAT, so he says this somewhat helps the students in preparation for the SAT. Marr adds that the students who do not take AP Physics will be just as prepared as students that do take AP Physics.

Marr teaches theoretical physics, which is known by students as tough subject. He hopes to teach his students to the best of his abilities by introducing labs that are hands on. Marr’s biggest strategy in teaching is encouraging his students by telling them its okay to make mistakes in the classroom, and provides a way for them to learn from it. He also tries to give his students lots of examples from the real world and plenty of “what if” situations.

Outside of teaching AP Physics, Marr enjoys reading, watching sports on TV and he is super into subjects like biology, math and chemistry. “I’m into all the sciences and all the maths but I just like learning stuff all the time,” said Marr as he described some of his interests. When reading, Marr enjoys biographies, nonfiction and mystery novels. Marr also watches a variety of college sports involving the Florida Gators, Vanderbilt and Georgia. Mostly because one of Marr’s two daughters graduated from Vanderbilt, while the other will be going to Georgia in the fall.

Marr encourages students to take as many AP classes as possible to prepare for college. If a student is interested in becoming an engineer, doctor or mathematician they are encouraged to take the course. When it comes to AP Physics Marr wants students to consider the rigor of AP Physics before jumping head on into the course, but he does his best to provide the best teaching possible in such a tough class.

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