Spotlight: Jordyn Statom

Jordyn Statom is a sophomore at Mill Creek is involved in cheering and track.
Jordyn Statom is a sophomore at Mill Creek is involved in cheering and track.
Chloe Goodly

Jordyn Statom is a sophomore at Mill Creek. Her birthday is September 2nd and she is 16 years old. Her favorite color is blue and she mentioned, “Blue is my favorite color because of the beach and the color is calming.” Statom is from Toccoa, Georgia. She lives with her mom; Ladonna Statom and her grandma. Statom said, “They are my forever long best friends, I talk to them about anything and everything.” Statom stated, “I love my mom and grandma they are all I have aside from friends so we are very close, closer than most daughters and mothers.” Statom started playing sports at five, Statom is very athletic as well she has been involved in sports since she could walk.

She participated in five sports, including basketball, cheer, ballet, dance and gymnastics. As a kid, “I was very happy and loved playing sports that was my way of showing my competitive nature.” She started gymnastics first at four and continued until she was eight years old.

She said, “I liked it because it was fun but I think a lot of moms put their kids in it when they are little. It wasn’t anything I was seeing a career in as I got older.” Statom played basketball when she was eight years old, her position was a post because of her height. She enjoyed basketball and started when she was eight to thirteen years old. Her team won the championship when she played for I9 a reactional basketball league. After basketball, she did competition cheer at a gym called CheerTatsic Co. LLC. Statom was on level 3 at her competitive cheer gym. She cheered competitively from 8th to 9th grade. Statom also cheered for Mill Creek, she did spirit and competition, and she was a base and a back-spot. The junior varsity competition team at Mill Creek was undefeated. 

Statom said, “Out of every sport I played I loved cheer best because of tumbling and the power I have when I tumble.” She also did ballet and dance but that was when she was little. In every sport, her mom was always there cheering her on, “No matter what I do I know my mom will be there.”

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