Wonder Woman 1984 Review

The movie, “Wonder Woman 1984,” takes place when Wonder Woman comes across a powerful artifact that grants her a wish, but for a price. The story continues as Wonder Woman has to fix the problems caused by her wish and everyone else’s wishes. The movie begins as Diana has gone into hiding, working on ancient artifacts and helping citizens on the down low. The antagonist of the movie, Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal, wants to be powerful and respected and he goes to extreme lengths to try and achieve this.

The director for the film, Patty Jenkins, who directed the first “Wonder Woman” film, which was released in 2017. The cast includes; Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Chris Pine (Steve Trevor),Pedro Pascal (Maxwell Lord), Kristen Wiig (Cheetah), and others.

“Wonder Woman 1984” was out in theaters on Christmas(December 25) and is available on HBO Max, because of the virus outbreak.