Nic Knezevic, 10, Sonia BoyKai, 11, Justin Jones, 11, Wendy, Jax Maloney, 10, and Lily Brundage, 10.
Nic Knezevic, 10, Sonia BoyKai, 11, Justin Jones, 11, Wendy, Jax Maloney, 10, and Lily Brundage, 10.
Nicholas Frith

Mill Creek Theatre Presents “Peter Pan & Wendy”

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  • On Nov. 15-16, Mill Creek’s Theater Department put on, “Peter Pan and Wendy,” by Doug Rand.

  • DJ Idugboe, 12, as Peter Pan, Annie Smith, 11, as Smee, Chad Moynihan, 12, as Starkey, and Hudson Rials, 12, as Captain Hook.

  • Peter Pan telling the lost boys to go to bed.

  • Idugbeo and Mia Coffey, 11, as Wendy preparing to take off to Neverland.

  • Captain Hook telling his crew the plan to through Wendy overboard.

  • Emilie Vega, 10, Idugboe, Christina Scruggs, 11, Coffey telling the lost boys the story of Cinderlla.

  • Hudson Rials, 12, alongside his co-star, Annie Smith, 11, in Peter Pan and Wendy as he plays Captain Hook and Smith plays Smee.

  • Nic Knezevic, 10, Sonia BoyKai, 11, Justin Jones, 11, Wendy, Jax Maloney, 10, and Lily Brundage, 10.

  • Wendy, Micheal and John flying to Neverland.

  • Tinker Bell warning Peter Pan that the medicine is poison.

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Hudson Rials, 12, transformed himself into Captian Hook and goes on to speak on the inventive performance he gave, “You know, you try not to be nervous before you do a show. But it was it was different this time because even really, anything previously always ended up being some kind of antagonist. But even previously, it hadn’t been as many lines and it hadn’t been you know, you hadn’t had to put too much thought into it. But when you play someone like Captain Hook you really have to think about his motivations. You know why he’s there. Maybe the way he’d say certain things. Obviously, pirates don’t talk like we talk now. And so there’s there’s phrasing that’s weird that and you kind of have to learn to talk that way a little bit. I know. There’s a part where I leaned down when I speak to John, I asked him this. Do you ever want to be a pirate already? I’ve never said this in my life. But I had to learn how to pronounce it and know and how to tonally say that to him.”

The show started at 7 p.m. on both Wednesday and Thursday night. The play had a turn out, parents and friends watched as Peter Pan And Wendy whimsically took the show away. Seats filled before the second showing began.

 The outfit fit match the actor Tinkerbell dress perfectly sparkled for miles, many fans described Peter Pan outfit as not living up to it full potential. 

The show contained smoke and interactive fighting where the actors were coming off the stage and getting active in the crowd. The audience was very attentive throughout the show and were on the edge of their seats, and the theater was filled with laughter. 

Both leads mentions how the show was one of their favorite out of the shows they’ve performed here at Mill Creek.

Wendy’s mom, Mrs. Mary Darling was played by Sonia Boykai, 11, she goes on to mention,” This show was very magical. I feel like it was it was very fun because of the fighting scene. It was very active because they went out into the audience and fought. So I will just say it was very difficult to work with but I feel like the end process was very worth it.”

Similar to Boykai, Wendy, Mia Coffey, 11, Wednesday night, which was really great. I just think it was a fun show. It was definitely a comedy definitely a lot of action. I just think it was a fun show. Obviously all the kids that came and loved it. Wednesday night, which was really great. I’m really happy about that.  It’s very exhilarating, and I loved just honestly, I loved all the parts like being a mom. To the Lost Boys, which I liked. I especially liked the pirate scene whenever we were on the pirate ship, and obviously I got rescued. I just liked being on stage and just feeling experience. Yeah being in the moment.”

DJ Idugboe, 12,  played Peter Pan mentioned the experience before and after the show to be unrealistic. Idugboe commented,”Before I was pretty nervous. After, you know, when I came out with like all the other actors, so all the people waiting for a second was kind of like heartwarming. Yeah, that so many people came out to support that’s really nice that we have such a community like that.”


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