Book Review: Bury Me

Bury Me book cover.
Bury Me book cover.
Haley Houck

Bury Me is a 2020 paranormal and horror fiction novel written by fantasy and horror author Alex R. Kahler or his pseudonym K. R. Alexander. The book consists of 211 pages, following the main protagonist Kimberly, who teams up with her friends, Alicia and James, to figure out what a doll wants. That suddenly shows up with the words ‘bury me’ written across its dress.

We meet Kimberly and her two friends, Alicia and James, who come across a creepy old doll with the words ‘Bury Me’ written on its dress. Alicia encourages Kimberly, who doesn’t know what to do with the doll, to do what the doll says and to bury it. They quickly come to discover that isn’t all the doll wants as it keeps coming back from its grave somehow and showing up in places it shouldn’t. Kimberly soon discovers there’s more history not just behind Cooper Hollow, but her family’s past as well.

The book currently has 4.04 stars on the Good Reads site with 523 ratings and 64 reviews. Reviews on ‘Bury Me’ can all agree that, “Bury Me is what YA horror books should be: suspense, unpredictable moments and likable characters,” commented Hadley. The book can be found on many popular online reading sites like, Audible, Kindle Store, Everand, and Kobo.

Here is some information about the author. Alexander Kahler was born in a small town in eastern Iowa in late November of 1986. He is seen as a Nomad at heart, starting at 16 and moving all around the world from Hawaii to Iceland and, his soul home, Scotland. Before he became a full-time writer, he worked as a professional circus artist in the States and Scotland.

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