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The Mill Creek Chronicle

The Student News Site of Mill Creek High School

The Mill Creek Chronicle

The Student News Site of Mill Creek High School

The Mill Creek Chronicle

EPIC Seniors: the Impact

Marjorie Chapman
EPIC seniors during the EPIC Senior Night and Epic Night on january 23rd.

EPIC is a stem based program at Mill Creek High School. The program got certified by the Georgia Department of Education as of 2023. This program is a cross-curricular and collaborative program. The seniors in EPIC have gone through this three year program of hands-on experience, using the D.E.S.I.G.N. process, and participating in project based learning to become the student they are today. 

When speaking with Anaya Azzad about her favorite parts of the program she stated, “I love the welcoming environment that EPIC has. No matter what type of student you are, you will always fit in. I’ve been able to make connections with EPIC students outside of my grade level, and even other teachers.” 

Kaden Keppinger, 12, added, “I love the sense of community we have built through the past 4 years. We have all been able to grow a relationship as a class and it is very special.”

Through the program you learn work based skills, learn your future career interest, and how to manage time Keppinger stated, “This program has taught me to multi-task with class. With the extra workload throughout the past 4 years it has been a good skill for time management.”

Azzad, 12, also says, “When I got into high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do. EPIC allowed me to find a passion through design and computer science and create a pathway for a career in that area.” 

Besides the academic impact students found they are also impacted socially throughout high school, Keppinger, 12, saying, “EPIC has taught me to reach out and become friends with every niche of people. I have made relationships with many people who before EPIC I couldn’t see myself talking to.”

Azzad, 12, also stated, “I’ve learned to comfortably speak with others. Whether it be informally with friends or formally with an adult, I have learned how to have great conversations with those people. I’ve also been introduced to so many friends through the EPIC program.”

When deciding what to do with their high school career these students decided to become involved in EPIC, Azzad, 12, says, “For 8th-grade me, EPIC sounded like something good for college applications. I had a small passion for engineering and decided to join the program. Now, EPIC has been turned into something completely different for me. EPIC is a great program to learn about skills in the workplace and the community. I’ve learned a lot of things that I wouldn’t be able to if I didn’t join EPIC.”

Keppinger added, “My friend got involved with EPIC and forced me to do it. I initially had regrets about joining but soon found a very enjoyable environment.”

Joining EPIC has impacted these individuals throughout their high school career by showing them interest they wouldn’t have known about and people they would meet. This program has produced many great experiences for the student to be a part of, and exposure in the engineering world for them in their high school career.

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