Tornado Warnings: Everything you need to know

Tornados impact locations across the United States every year, bringing nothing but massive waves of wind and destruction in their paths. Warnings of Tornados in Gwinnett county and the rest of Georgia were sent out yesterday afternoon. A Tornado watch has been issued for parts of Georgia until 1 p.m. The watch is to include all of the metro Atlanta area and parts of north and central Georgia. The latest news from the Fox Five News official website stated that once the storm heads into south Georgia, the area will have a period of quiet and calm until another round of storms passes through the area overnight.

The second wave of widespread heavy rain arrived around sunrise. Showers reached Georgia shortly before 8:30 a.m., and more widespread rain is to be expected around 11 a.m. Channel 2 Action News meteorologist Brian Monahan said with that much rain, “It’s not safe to be driving out on the road,” he continues, “Stay at home, work from home if you can.”

While mother nature can sometimes be unpredictable, today’s technology has made an improvement in preparing for severe weather. Now people can hear about natural disasters or severe in their area by turning on the radio or TV to get the latest information from local authorities and news channels. Even when their is a low chance of a natural disaster or severe weather threat occurring, it never hurts to prepare for the worst.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created a step by step article on the many ways one could prepare ahead of time incase of a Tornado were to occur. Under the Tornado tab they mention the many things you could do like, “Know the signs of a Tornado, Identify the safest place to take shelter, Create a Tornado emergency plan, store important items in a secure location, create an emergency supply kit and take steps to reduce household hazards.”

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