Varsity Vs Collin Hill

The varsity boys basketball team played at Collins Hill High School on Friday, Jan. 21. The Score was 67-64. Mill Creek was leading in the last minutes of the final quarter, but ended up losing the game.


Steven Jackson , 10, mentioned days after the game, “At the start of the fourth quarter we started off with even points. We turned the ball over multiple times. Unfortunately we missed a lot of opportunities when it came to easy layups.”


The Collins Hill student section was shouting at our players, “We beat you,” like in football. Our Mill Creek football team did lose to Collins Hill back in October when the football season was still going on.


Collins Hill visitor’s side of the court was a scattered group of parents and other loved ones whereas, the home side was filled with a sea of students supporting their team. Mill Creek varsity boys will be playing Collin Hill again on Feb. 8.


Following  the first quarter, Trajen Greco, 10,  was injured but has made a recovery and will be playing in the next upcoming games.


Greco “ To be honest, I feel like everybody stepped up and played well and did their role in the game but we still came up short.”