Mill Creek Backpack Review Instagram account


Photo courtesy of: backpacks_review_mchs

Official Instagram homepage of backapcks_review_mchs.

An Instagram account created by a student, has been slowly growing in popularity since the end of last school year. Going by the username backpack_review_mchs, the account has nearly seven hundred followers. Operating similar to the popular teen drama, Gossip Girl, the account owner either receives photos from other students or takes pictures of backpacks while walking in the hallway. He or she then reviews the backpack based on its size, color, shape, and how it is worn.

The account takes a cynical but humorous tone when reviewing backpacks. A form of humor that followers such as Anne Friese, 12, find relatable. “Once I went through their profile, I realized how funny it was and how critical they are about everyone’s bookbags, so I had to follow. It’s just a nice and relatable comedy on my feed,” said Friese.

As the account has grown, so have the interactions among students in the comment section. Under most reviews on the account, students can be seen chiming in with their own opinions in either agreement or disagreement. A characteristic of the account that the owner has decided to capitalize on as a way to make it more interactive. “I change the rating if the comments don’t agree. Sometimes their input prompts me to change my caption. It makes the account fun and I love talking to everyone,” said the owner of backpack_review_mchs.

Although the account originated out of boredom at the end of last year, it seems to have become a pioneer for a spawn of Mill Creek based review accounts, such as shoereview_mchs, lunchbox_review_mchs, and millcreekfitsreview.