Friday Night Food Fight


Emily Laycock

Students loading food donations onto the truck to be taken to the local food pantry. Lana Ivester, 10, Sadie Mcintyre, 12, Ridley Ivester, 11, Amani Sheikh, 12, Grace Gentzel, 12, Brendan Brannock, 12

Every year, the Mill Creek cluster participates in the Friday Night Food Fight. This year, the only difference is that we were competing against Norcross High School. This is a time for the school community to come together. By Aug 26, Mill Creek raised $25,436.30 for the annual Food Fight.
The cluster schools include Ivy Creek Elementary School, Fort Daniels Elementary School, Puckett’s Mill Elementary School, Harmony Elementary School, Duncan Creek Elementary School, Jones Middle School, Osborne Middle School, and Mill Creek High School. This brings the grand total amount donated to $29,286.30. Overall, the Mill Creek vs. Norcross raised $33,733 as well as 33,000 Ibs. of food.