Varsity Football vs Norcross


Azme Kabir

Norcross against Mill Creek at friday’s night game

Friday night Varsity played against Norcross on the Markham Field at Mill Creek High School. The first quarter wasn’t looking so bright for the Mill Creek varsity team. By halftime, Mill Creek turned it around, winning the game 41 to 13.

The Norcross football team made the first score and was leading with 13-10 till halftime. With the 30-minute lightning delay, the Hawks returned to the 3rd quarter ready to play some football and determined to get that win.

The crowds held their heads up high throughout the final quarters. The players on and off the field had a lot to say about the overall game, the team’s comeback, and performance during the game.

From the sidelines, Antwan McArthur, 10, said “Things didn’t look good from the start since we were down and then there was rain and lightning. Some players came into the locker room injured but after the rain cleared up it was like a whole different game, everything was uphill from there.”

Antwan went on to add, “We just had to get our thoughts right, control the things we could and execute the game plan.”

Hayden Clark,11, said “We as an offense had a rough start to the half but our defense and special teams held their ground. We were starting to turn things up a notch then the lighting stopped momentum and during that break and at half we knew we just had to adjust a couple things and come out fast and physically and we knew we could cause we were down by 3 points at half . We were all locked in ready for that eco drive half. When we got out there and got a touchdown it all started to come together and we were on a roll with 3 pics in a row and one of them a pick 6. The energy was very high that night when we secured the game.”

Both Hayden Clark; starting quarterback, and Antwan McArthur noticed that the first and the second half of the game were two different games played by the Mill Creek varsity football team.

Coach Lovelady said to the Gwinnett daily post, “I liked the way we responded at halftime,” Lovelady said. “I told them to worry about us, not about them and the score will take care of itself. They did and they came out and flew around on defense, took advantage of opportunities on offense. I think it was a good team effort.”