Biden Went Down to Duluth, GA


Courtesy of The White House Under Fair Use

Official portrait of President Joseph R. Biden.

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Biden will return to Georgia next week to celebrate first 100 days in office
President Joseph R. Biden was at the Infinite Energy Center Duluth, GA on Thursday, April 29 to celebrate his first 100 days of holding the office of president.nHe was joined by his wife, Dr. Jill Biden.

The visit was a drive-in rally where Biden highlighted his administration’s policies since being sworn in.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s report on the news of the event on April 23, that Biden’S visit was related to his policies for COVID-19 vaccines, infrastructure, and federal voting rights expansions.

“Biden’s visit coincides with his efforts to speed up coronavirus vaccine distribution and promote a $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal. It also comes as Democrats step up efforts to pass a federal voting rights expansion, a push that’s intensified in the wake of a new Georgia election rewrite that Biden has criticized.”

Biden is relevant to Georgia because the state’s support in the 2020 presidential election allowed Biden to win, and again in the runoff election which enabled Biden to have much greater influence on the U.S. legislature.

Radio station 95.5 WSB reported that day that prior to the rally, the Bidens visited former President Jimmy Carter and his wife before making their way to metro Atlanta.