Creek Freeks at the Mill Creek Vs. Norcross game in Augest.
Creek Freeks at the Mill Creek Vs. Norcross game in Augest.
PG Stewart

Creek Freeks

Creek Freeks at the Mill Creek Vs. Archer, home game in September. (PG Stewart)
Creek Freeks at the Mill Creek Vs. Buford, home game in October. (PG Stewart)

The Creek Freeks became a title throughout the years of the spirit and the student section of Mill Creek High School. Every year there are new Creek Freek seniors that get to organize the student section throughout every sports season. This year the seniors in this group include Chase Coy, Alex Ghidiceanu, Lexi Tinker, Taytum Mccall, Dakota White, and Nick Bennett. 

Becoming the next Creek Freaks means also becoming a leader for your schools student section, Ghidiceanu, said, “It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to represent Mill Creek High School in this way”

Bennett added, “I was excited to be in the front row for the games and just be loud.”

Linking onto tradition and looking into the future, the Creek Freeks had a few ideas for the new football season, White said, “What we want to do is for everyone to remember us. We want to bring new things and old things back like cool cheers and thundersticks.”

Bennett added, “We use the MC baby Chant and wave the big MC flag. Something new we did was split the student section so everyone could hear us.”

Along with using different chants and ideas the Creek Freeks wanted to increase their appearance at other games, Ghidiceanu said, “We already did senior kickball and plan to do more senior events. We plan to go to all the big name sports like soccer and baseball.”

White also stated, “We want to go to other sports outside of football. We are making it our goal to go to things like baseball, basketball and lacrosse too.”

Post football season the Creek Freaks had an impactful first season of the year, Ghidiceanu stated, “It impacted me in a really good way because it got me so involved with all school events and gave me so many friendships. The senior class this year was amazing and so helpful with everything and I couldn’t have been more thankful of them.”

Bennett added, “I felt more engaged in the moment and I made good friends.”

Before the end of next year the Creek Freaks wanted to give to the next class some advice, Bennett said, “Being a Freek should be fun. There’s no reason to stress over a lot of the things we have to do.”

Ghidiceanu added, “I think the main thing is just to have fun with and enjoy it all while you can. It’s your senior season so any game could be your last. Be extra loud and start a lot of chants”

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