Graduation Dress Code

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Graduation Dress Code

When getting ready for graduation, Mill Creek students must come prepared by knowing the rules and requirements of graduation.

Starting off, caps should be worn parallel to the ground, with the point of the cap located on the center of the forehead. Students should use Bobby pins when placing the cap on their head.  Graduates must also remember that when starting the ceremony, their tassel should be on their right. Seniors are not permitted to decorate or place cap toppers on their cap.

Dress code guidelines require school appropriate dresses (i.e no backless or halter tops) that do NOT exceed the length of the graduation gown. Dress pants should be accompanied by a colored shirt and tie, and all shoes should be neutral. Clothing not permitted to the ceremony are jeans and heels. However wedges and sandals are allowed.

Other items not allowed are bags of any type and cellphones. Students must remember that phones are prohibited during the graduation. Any students seen with a cellphone will have it confiscated.

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