No homeroom on Fridays

Mill Creek students during 4th period lunch on Friday.
Mill Creek students during 4th period lunch on Friday.
Haley Houck

Majority of students can agree that lunch is too short. A vast amount of time is given to transitioning from a classroom to the cafeteria, waiting in line to get food, finding a seat, and finishing in time before the next bell rings. A proposal was made two weeks ago to Mill Creek Students that there would be no homeroom on Fridays if they stay orderly during the lunch period.

Mill Creeks cafeteria manager, Tammy Baylor, explained why the school made this decision by stating, “It was just to experiment and find out if they were able to accommodate that many students at that time and get them through the lunch period.” When asked if the school would change it to no homeroom every day of the week, she responded, “Always a possibility.”

A week after having no homeroom on Fridays, a handful of students volunteered to give their feedback on the subject. More than eight students said how they enjoyed having a longer lunch period since it allowed them more time to sit and talk with friends, work on any homework from previous or prior classes, and just overall have a longer break from school.

Jaqueline Jones, a sophomore at Mill Creek, explained how she enjoys the longer lunch because it gives her more free time away from school and hang out with friends. “It also gives us leisure because in high school we don’t have recess.”

Brian Haygood, another sophomore at Mill Creek, stated how the hour long lunch allows himself and other students to have more time to eat. “The food stations get shut down after the first five minutes once everyone leaves. I think it was pretty good. Pretty cool.”

But there were some students who thought differently about the new lunch hours. Trinity Lee, 10, stated, “I don’t like hour long lunch because it’s over stimulating and there’s a lot of people so it causes a lot of stress and a lot of people can’t find a seat and sit where they normally sit so they end up not eating.” So far, students have kept their side of the proposal and have had no homeroom on Friday’s for two weeks.

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