Spees during the second quarter shooting a three point at Mill Creek gynamium.
Spees during the second quarter shooting a three point at Mill Creek gynamium.
Patria Grace

Senior Basketball Spotlight: Sammi Spees

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  • Sammi Spees,12, guarding number #12, Leah Bagwell, a south Forsyth senior.

  • In possession of the ball is senior Spees.

  • Caroline Cadena, 12, Isabella Ragone, 10 and Spees all on the court together one last time.

  • Dacula Girls Baskatball team on defense against Mill Creek Girls.

  • Spees shooting free throws at a home against Buford high school.

  • Mill Creek Varsity girls match up against South Forsyth.

  • Mill Creek class of 2024 basketball senior girls.

  • 2024 Mill Creek girl’s basketball team.

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Sammi Spees, 12, final year at Mill creek is approaching to the end and along with her basketball season. She been loving the game of basketball and playing since the 6th grade. Spees and her family have been apart the mill creek community ever since she was little. Spees sister as well attended and graduated from Mill creek high school. Spees describes, “My sister is my best friend and we are each other’s biggest supporters. She’s a college athlete so it’s hard for her to make it to my games but no matter what she will always be cheering me on.” She had a support system  behind her through all of Spees moments on the court at Mill Creek.

Spees will graduate in the spring and  will be on continuing to Toccoa Falls college; where she plans on attending in the fall semester, Spees continues to go on and say, “I’m hopeful about furthering my basketball career. Growing and expanding my knowledge and skills.”

She played seasons 2020-2024 on the girls team. And as a senior on the team Spees leaves behind notes for future Mill Creek Basketball player’s. “Over the past 4 years l’ve grown in so many aspects of my life and the game. Over time I put in countless hours of practice and training to get where I am today. The one thing I would leave to upcoming players. Is never get discouraged. Hard work does pay off. Sometimes results aren’t instant but never get down. Continue to push through it,” said Spees.

2024 girls basketball team played hard this season by putting in the hours. Spees addes, “This season for me was the happiest and saddest. The team this year had gotten so close and were able to make a lot of memories. And I got to play my last season with my best friends who we have been playing together since middle school. We have a family culture we set throughout our program. And it makes us super close. We spend everyday together for 6 months basically so your teammates become family. Everyday won’t be perfect but at the end of the day we have to remember we are family. And family sticks together.”

Spees has a bright future ahead and will be a Mill Creek Hawk forever at heart. Closing off her season with lots of support and an all rounded 2024 basketball season.

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