The Auxiliarys gym new floor and logo.
The Auxiliary’s gym new floor and logo.
Chloe Goodly

Auxiliary Gym

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In the Mill Creek Auxiliary Gym the floor has been redone. It was updated because it’s an annual maintenance measure. They always redo the gym floor every few years. It was time for new floors, so they revamped the aux gym.

The student point of view of Kenndi King , 10, was “I like the new Auxiliary gym, I like the change and the Mill Creek logo in the middle is so pretty.”

Other students like Brandon Bell Jr.,9, stated, “I love the auxiliary gym I like how vibrant the colors are now and I like playing on a new floor.” Another student of Mill Creek, Peyton Hill, 10, mentioned, “I love the new gym I like the changes that people are making to our school. I like the new floor and the new carpets I love the new vibe it brings to the school but who doesn’t love new things.”


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