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Alexis Bowen

Claire Leonard, 10, is a student in Chorus at MCHS.

Lexie Bowen, Intro to Journalism Student

Claire Leonard is a sophomore at Mill Creek High School. She is a student in Chorus, and participates in the Spectrum Show Choir, and outside of school she has joined a worship choir through 12Stone Church.


Recently, Claire participated in this year’s LGPE Concert March 7 where Mastery Choir received straight superiors, as well as Intermediate Mixed Choir. The Advanced Women’s Choir received a Superior in Performance, and an Excellent in Sight-reading.


Claire began chorus when she was in fourth grade. When asked what motivates her to sing, and why she is passionate about it, she said, “I love singing because it’s something you can feel free doing, and it’s relaxing. Chorus is a really big community, like a big group of friends, and it’s just a good way to come together and be yourself.” She also said, “Chorus is a reassuring thing, that helps you feel better. You can express your emotions when you sing, through the songs and the lyrics.” 


When Claire first started singing, she thought it was something she would never grow to love, but throughout middle school and beginning of high school, it grew on her. “The friendships I gained from it were really great. I realized how much I  love it and now, I can’t think of my school career without chorus.”