Spotlight: Allie Stokley


Christina Hall

Allie Stokley, 9 , left front row in green headband after win against Seckinger.

Lydia Roberts, Staff Writer

There are only a few swing players for the Mill Creek girls soccer team and Allie Stokely, 9 , is one of those players. 

A swing player is a player that practices with Varsity but plays with JV. Then the swing players will occasionally play with Varsity. 

Stokely has enjoyed her time being a swing player. She says she enjoys it because “it is a good opportunity to play with different people.” 

When asked if she feels like practicing with the Varsity improves her skill level, Stokely says “I do feel like practicing with the Varsity improves my skill level because it pushes me to play with older girls with more experience that can help me get better as the season goes on.” 

Stokely has gotten more familiar with the Varsity team as the soccer season continues. This has affected her goals for next season. She says “Being a swing makes me want to go out for Varsity next year.” 

As the school year and soccer season has gone on, Stokely expressed that the stress has been low when it comes to finishing work for her classes. She says “I haven’t had any stressful time where I had no time to finish anything. I have time to do everything I need to.” 

One class that Stokely has enjoyed specifically is her body sculpting class.  She says the reason why she enjoys it is because “It’s really fun and I get to get stronger during the school day rather than needing to find time outside of school.” 

As her freshman year comes to an end, Stokely says her favorite part of the year has been the soccer season. She continues “I love my teammates and playing soccer for the school everyday. I have met some great people who I am close with through soccer.”