Keeping Up the Tempo: Senior Spotlight on Leadership and Dance


Destinee Edwards, 12 , posing for her Dance Team official photos.

Destinee Edwards, 12, is a dancer of 13 years, four of which have been in her high school career on the JV and Varsity dance teams. When asked about her favorite part of dance, Edwards mentioned “for a while it was the creativity and just the freedom that we had with it, but then being on the dance team, it’s more rigid and uniform, and I’ve just learned to love that too.”

In addition to being on the Mill Creek’s dance teams, Edwards is also the Vice President of Character for NHS. 

When asked what her job entails, Edwards says, “my only job is to lead one meeting on character…I work with everybody else trying to plan meetings, making sure that everybody has the information that they need to get their hours and get their service opportunities. Then I lead the makeup meetings for anybody who can’t make the meetings themselves.”

She recommends NHS to any student eligible to join their junior and senior year.

“The club asks that you to remain in good academic standing, but also it’s just asking you to go a little bit out of your way to do things for the community, which I think it’s good to kind of have that push.” 

Edwards just recently joined NHS during her junior year, although when recalling her early years of high school she remembers facing multiple challenges.

Her high school career took a turn during freshman year due to the effects of COVID-19. Returning to in-person school after being at home, Edwards reflected on her biggest challenge coming back.