First Orchestra Concert of the Year


Courtesy of Molly Johnson

Mill Creek Orchestra performing at their concert.

Kaylin Landrian-Shrewsbury, Yearbook

Before the students knew it the month October started, the first orchestra concert of the year was around the corner. The concert was on Tuesday, October 3 and we had to get ready. That Tuesday they practiced playing on stage during class and acted like it was a real concert. 

Class ended and the school day continued as normal, the students all went home and started to get ready for the concert. There were certain times that certain periods had to be there. Sixth period starts the concert off, the two pieces they played were “Fantasia on a Theme from Thailand,” and “Afterburn”, and 

“I think it sounded good, I think it went really well but it could have sounded better and we did good,” Anslee sloan, 9, said. 

“I think I did okay, I struggled on a few parts but other than that I did good,” Sloan said. 

The pieces that the orchestra played included Reverie, Tour of California and Minotaur.

“My favorite piece to listen to was Minotaur,” Sloan said. Most people had a favorite piece that the orchestra played. 

“I think Minotaur was my favorite piece to listen to,” Lauren Ham, 9, says.  

Although Minotaur was a favorite, students including Ham enjoyed other pieces as well.

 “Everyone did really well, it was a great concert,” Ham said.