Movie Summary: Hocus Pocus 2


Disney logo in Hocus Pocus 2

Opening credit of the new movie, Hocus Pocus 2

The movie starts back in the 17th Century when the Sanderson sisters are children in Salem. The oldest sister Winnie storms through the village to the cottage she shares with her younger sisters; Mary and Sarah, upset that Reverend Traske arranged for her to marry John Pritchett, where she remains until the village comes and banishes her for refusing the marriage. Winnie then takes her sisters and runs to the Forbidden Forest where they receive their spell book from a mysterious witch known as Mother Witch. After the sisters start to exact revenge on Salem the movie skips to present day Salem.


Here we see the main characters; Becca, Izzy, and Cassie heading into the school on Halloween day. This is also the scene where we find out it is Becca’s 16th birthday. After school Becca receives a black candle as a birthday gift from Gilbert, owner of the “Olde Salem Magic Shoppe” which is located on the grounds of the old Sanderson sisters house. After Becca accidentally lights the black candle made by Gilbert and resurrects the Sanderson sisters, Becca and Izzy set out to stop the sisters from casting a spell so powerful even book doesn’t want it to occur. 


The movie ends after the sisters capture Cassie Traske and finish the potion and therefore the spell. However, Winnie soon realizes that because she neglected to read the warning on the potion, this potion costs the thing you love most. The moral of the story, and the lesson that Winnie learns that no amount of power is worth it if the cost is the thing you love most.