Passion for the Arts: Senior Spotlight on Oriana Bermudez


Oriana Bermudez

Oriana Bermudez, 12, acting in the Spring 2022 Mill Creek Theatre production of “The Hobbit.”

Oriana Bermudez, 12, has been involved in theatre since sixth grade and has been involved in high school theatre since her freshman year. As a part of Mill Creek’s Troupe 6855 she has served as Stage manager for the Fall of 2021 production of “The Outsiders,” served as Assistant Stage Manager for the Spring of 2022 production of the musical “Curtains,” and acted in the Spring of 2022 production of “The Hobbit.” However, before she joined theatre here at Mill Creek, she was a part of the Johns Creek High School Theatre Department where she served as Assistant Student Director for the musical, “Big Fish.” Bermudez decided to continue theatre because after that first year she “fell in love with the arts.” Bermudez elaborated, saying “I fell in love with how it incorporates so many parts, like there’s literature and writing, beauty in the acting, and there’s the technical and design part. There’s just so many things it has to offer and anybody can find a safe space.” 


As her passion for the arts has grown, so has her involvement in not only the performing side but also in the leadership aspect. This year she is Co-Vice President of the Thespian Society and the Theatre department. When asked what her job entails, she replied “I get to talk to a lot of people that come into the program and help them walk through their journey…and I plan/manage different activities.” She is also set to be on the cast of Mill Creek’s One Act Competition production of “The Sparrow” which will be showing at Mill creek on October 14-15.


While Bermudez has a passion for the arts, she has other extracurriculars that take up her time as well. Because Bermudez and her family emigrated from Venezuela when she was 11, she also works about three days a week to save up for college. While both work and theatre are huge time commitments, Bermudez manages to maintain both because while “balancing work and theatre is hard because theatre is a huge time commitment with long hours, I just have to balance one around the other.” Bermudez also plans to get involved in wrestling at Mill Creek this school year.