Curtains: Spring Musical

Quinn Dillard, 12, as Georgia Hendricks performing “Thataway” alongside the ensemble.

On March 10-12, the Mill Creek Theater department put on the musical Curtains for their annual spring musical. Curtains is a comedic murder mystery following the murder of an actress, Jessica Cranshaw. Lieutenant Frank Cioffi takes on the case of the mystery killer as well as helping the cast put on a “killer” show. At their final show, the true killer reveals himself. Lieutenant Frank Cioffi pieces together the murder, and they go on to put on a grande finale performance.

Curtains is a two hour musical with musical classics such as “A Tough Act to Follow” sung by Cioffi, Niki Harris, and the ensemble, and “I Miss the Music” sung by Aaron Fox. The show will be continued March 17-19 and tickets can be purchased on