Black History Month Door Contest Entries

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  • C113, Mitchell, promotes the message of celebrating black history and cultures through the use of bold, thought-provoking words. This door won 2nd place in the contest.

  • A107, highlights Katherine Johnson as well as other notable figures and important information about said people. This door won 1st place in the contest.

  • A104, Summerlin, is a bright red with cut-outs of important figures and information about them.

  • A102, Carmichael, is a two sided door featuring the message of love. This door has the silhouette of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. This is the back side of the door.

  • A102, Carmichael, features a two sided door with the message of love. This is the front of the door.

  • B212, spreads the message of love, fitting for Black History Month and Valentine’s Day. This door placed 3rd in the contest.

  • B206, Mr. Moore, shows a literature themed door fitting for a 10th grade Language Arts teacher. The circles at the bottom show important people and information about them.

  • B211, shows a space theme with rockets and stars with names of important figures.

  • A106, Queen, showcases the “Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn Historic District” with pictures of historical places and people, along with pieces of information about them.

  • E206, Marr, shows a small poster filled with information on a handful of people important to black history.

  • C103, Ward, shows a black pianist with a stream of music notes and part of a famous quote by saxophonist Ahmad Alaadeen. The quote reads, “Jazz does not belong to any one race or culture, but is a gift America gave the world.”

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