Freshman Leah McCarthy wins 7th at Swim and Dive State Competition

McCarthy smiles wide after bringing home 7th place at the state competition for the Mill Creek Swim team

Freshman Leah McCarthy pulled off a fantastic feat by placing 7th at the Swim and Dive State Competition for the Mill Creek swim team. McCarthy is a new face to the team and came out in 7th place in a prestigious competition. For her, being a part of the team is a wholly unique experience.

“It’s been a really fun experience. All of the coaches and teammates have been super supportive and welcoming to me,” McCarthy said.

As a brand new member of the team, McCarthy is excited to continue her journey through competing and spending time with her teammates.

“My favorite part would have to be the meets. I mean it’s super fun to be watching everyone compete and being able to cheer everyone on,” McCarthy said.

After ranking so well in a state competition, McCarthy is eager to participate in future events and support her fellow teammates.
“Teamwork, to me, is when we all come together to accomplish a goal or a win for the team. It’s encouraging and supporting each other to do your best,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy values the win she received at state as an amazing win but hinted toward her career in the swim team expanding in the foreseeable future.

“I’m super grateful for the opportunity I’ve had and it was a really fun experience, but I’m excited to see how the next three years go,” McCarthy said.

As a rising sophomore, McCarthy is eager to see rising freshmen come into the swim team and donate their own gifts and skills to the team.

“I know it can be scary to be joining a team as a freshman but everyone is super nice and helpful, very welcoming too so there is nothing to be worried about,” McCarthy said.