Spotlight: Alfonso Garcia


Courtesy of Alfonso Garcia

Alfonso Garcia, 12, number 68 on the Mill Creek Football Team.

Alfonso Garcia, 12, is a center on the offensive line on the Mill Creek Football Team. He was signed to University of the Cumberlands.

Garcia started his football career in seventh grade after his parents pushed him to join, “My little brother wanted to do it. My parents said ‘Alfonso, why don’t you do it?’”

He continued football into his freshman year at Mill Creek, “if I’m going to be in high school, I might as well hit somebody.” One of his first football coaches, Garrett Zaleski, encouraged him to work harder, “he didn’t care that I was the new guy. He treated me like everybody else.”

Garcia doesn’t plan to make football his career after college, “I want to be a professional strongman that competes for the World’s Strongest Man.”