Four New Restaurants to Try in 2022


Thomas Hawk courtesy of Creative Commons

Four up and coming restaurants bringing bold and authentic flavors

These four up and coming restaurants are bringing bold and authentic flavors to the Buford area.

JINYA Ramen Bar

Head to Jinya for a taste of ramen culture, known across the country for its renowned ramen that spotlights its slowly simmered full-bodied broth. Guests also have the opportunity to taste the traditional flavors of Japan via small plates, serving some of Japan’s most famous dishes such as takoyaki, sauteed shisito peppers, and tempura.

El Rey Del Pastor

Striving to bring an authentic Mexican experience to Buford, El Rey Del Pastor is the sister restaurant to popular Atlanta hotspot, El Rey Del Taco. Their al pastor is cut straight off a Trompo, like in the streets of Mexico, ensuring authentic and fresh cuisine.

WEI Authentic Chinese

One of the only Chinese restaurants in the Buford area specializing in Cantonese, Szechuan, and Dim Sum cuisine, WEI stands out from its competition with unique dishes such as fried eggplant, sichuan dan dan noodle, and peking duck.

Feast 26

Looking for a taste of Louisiana in Georgia, Feast 26 is passionate about serving authentic Cajun cuisine, while using fresh, local ingredients. Their menu boasts a wide range of classic and unique dishes such as etouffee, jambalaya, and Cajun feast fries.