Evelyn Douches Spotlight

Evelyn Douches, 12, is a dancer on the Mill Creek Dance Team. Douches has been dancing since she was two years old, since her sister was the one to first get her interested in the sport.

“I have grown up at my dance studio and started dancing three years later,” said Douches. She also dances outside of the Mill Creek Dance Team at North Georgia Dance and Music Factory.

Douches plans on going to college after high school, “ While I am not set on where I am going yet I will either be on a collegiate dance team or getting into Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).”

Ohio State University, University of Minnesota, and University of Iowa dance teams are at the top of Douches list, “Collegiate dance teams are the most similar to the type of dancing I do on the Mill Creek Dance Team.

She explains that the people she looks up to most are to other dancers, choreographers, and organizations.

“I study their routines, cleaning techniques, and style so that I can apply it to my dancing at school.”

Douches shares her advice for dancers just starting out, “ I would say go for it, but understand that dance is probably one of the most strenuous sports on your body. I think dancing takes natural ability as well as lots of commitment to training and passion to be an artist as well as an athlete. Many of the best dancers in the world didn’t start until they were 15 or 16, so I think it is never too late to begin dancing.”