Esports Coach Spotlight


Isabelle Clinger

The Rocket League team poses for a photo with their own head coach Berliner, who leads the Maroon team currently ranked at 22 and the Gold team ranked at 17.

Mill Creek’s first electronic sports team is finally here. A club divided into two teams but united in spirit and drive. David Berliner, or known to the players as Coach, and assistant coach Trey Brennan lead the club which is composed of two teams: The Rocket League team is made up of 4 players, including one alternate, and the League of Legends team which has 7 players, including two alternates.

Berliner doesn’t just coach the future generation of gamers as a pastime. For him, gaming has been a part of his life long before coaching the team.

“I’ve always been a gamer. I started gaming during the Jurassic period of gaming like when they had Pong and the Atari systems,” Berliner said.

eSports is a competition where gamers from around the world battle head to head in different games to earn points and go up in the rankings, but for Berliner, it involves so much more.
“eSports, by definition is electronic sports, so it’s computer gaming, but it’s a lot more than just gaming…there are a lot of opportunities to be a part of eSports not only as gamers, but support as well. There are tons of athletic scholarships. Most colleges and universities now have eSports programs,” Berliner said.

For Berliner and all of the team players, the founding of their team is just one step towards a bright future. “I’m very, very competitive and so I want to see them gain as much success as possible. Hopefully, we can eventually participate in a state championship for Mill Creek High School,” Berliner said.