The Outsiders


Madilyn Lineberry

Sandy(Georgia Warford), Sodapop’s girlfriend enters stage right.

On Nov. 4 through Nov. 6 Mill Creek Theater presented The Outsiders.

Matthew Vaughn, 12, played Bob, a soc that parades around town, making life miserable for the greasers.

“This was actually my first show,” says Vaughn, “I’ve definitely had a lot of help when it came to the show. Like I didn’t know how to do my makeup, so I had help in figuring that out.” In previous productions, Vaughn worked behind the scenes as an assistant stage manager in Willy Wonka.

Ben Warford, 11, played Ponyboy, the youngest brother of the Curtis family. “I first got into theater when I saw my sister do theater in middle school,” Warford continued, “She looked like she really enjoyed being around everyone, and I just wanted to do it as well.”