Fashion in Mill Creek

Ameila Garlington, 12, is a fashion icon! ‘this is one of my favorite outfits!’ said Amelia, dressing like this everyday is her favorite thing to do. In this picture she is dressed as Misa Amane from the anime Death Note for spirit week, character day!

Over the last 2 years or so, quarantine has forced millions to stay home making it difficult for kids to entertain themselves. So kids spend more and more time on their phones and the internet, discovering new things and even bringing up trends from the past. For example, crocs, straight cut jeans, bedazzled belts, punk rock, colorful hair, and tons of old styles and everyone puts their own twist on things. All of these were already a thing but you see them a lot more nowadays, especially more alternative styles.
One style that’s seen a lot at Mill Creek is punk rock. This style was originally from the 1960s inspired by the music genre garage rock. Today teens have a more simpler style of this aesthetic and even put their own twists on it.
Another popular style is street wear, this is a combination of an oversized graphic tee or a plaid button up with a hoodie under. And always a pair of baggy straight cut jeans, also referred to as, mom jeans or boyfriend jeans. The pants could be cargo pants or normal jeans with or without rips. Most of the time it’s a graphic tee with beige cargo pants and maybe an accessory.