Free Guy Movie Review

The movie “Free Guy” is about a bank teller in an open-world video game who discovers that he is a background character. After he meets his dream girl, Molotov Girl, he doubts his existence so he takes matters into his own hands and writes the story that he is the hero in. There is a catch in this story: he must save the world that he created before it is too late..

The main lead Ryan Reynolds who plays Guy had this to say to “Screen Rant”,”So, we were pivoting and moving with this movie the whole time, and the script eventually found or took on this whole life of its own. And it’s really, I think, probably the best film I’ve ever been lucky enough to be a part of.”

According to the “Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer” the movie scored an 80%, which translates to a 7/10 according to the site, then according to the Audience score it was 94%, which translates to a 4.6/5 stars.