Man Or A Muppet Spotlight

On Sept. 25, Emma Thetford, 12, Anna Rundbaken, 12, and Temi Oduola-Owoo, 12, performed Man Or A Muppet in the MCHS School Talent Show.

“Me and my friend, Emma Thetford, wanted to do an act our senior year. The day before auditions we staged the entire act with Temi Odula-Owoo holding the puppets.” Rundbaken said. “I honestly didn’t think we were going to win, but all I could think about was how I could tell people that me and my friends won Got Talent with sock puppets.” Rundbaken continued.

“Our goal was to make it as funny as possible, because it is our senior year. We just thought it was funny we won, because we were honestly just goofing off.” Oduola-Owoo said.

Man Or Muppet won the overall vote, and it was the most popular act among audience members.