JV comeback against the Norcross Devils


Milan Owens

Mill Creek and Norcross JV boys.

Junior varsity played the Norcross Blue Devils last Thursday night. Mill Creek JV football team ended the game with another win. The final score was 28-25.

The game was filled with many lows and highs for Mill Creek. They didn’t start gaining back points until the very last quarter. This game against Norcross was similar when Mill Creek JV played Mountain view on Sept. 9.

Players both on Norcross and Mill Creek had many different comments and feelings about this game, including the athletic trainers.

Collin For,10, says, “I think just trusting your teammates and working together can help everyone improve whether it’s in a game or in practice.”

He continues to add, “It felt like every game we’ve played so far in this season however when we were down I knew that our team had some work to do but I had to trust through that time and when we scored I trusted the defense to close out the game and we did.”

Harry Williams, 10, “Everyone could have communicated better on the field. I need to improve my footwork and I need to get better at getting off of the blocks.”