Prom 2021 with a Twist

A pie chart displaying the results of a survey taken by about 50 Mill Creek Seniors asking how they felt about 2021 Senior Prom being in-person. Most seniors agree on being excited, while still many more are different forms of nervous or upset because of COVID-19 risks.

Juniors and seniors alike have been waiting for this day since arriving to high school their freshman year; others since they could think of it. Dreaming of coming out of your stretched Limousine, the perfect dress or suit with your date by your side, has been every boy and girl’s dream.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, Mill Creek did not have a prom last year nor a graduation ceremony for the class 2020 because these events were happening right as covid was hitting the community and everywhere else. With great consideration and received approval, to have a prom. Prom 2021 took place on Saturday, May 1.

The requirements for attending prom was that students must complete a prom waiver located on the Mill Creek High School website and the school enforced a clear bag policy.

The 2021 nominees for prom court were boys Ean Adams, Conner Bell, Corey Carney, Hunter Dunnington, and Dj Hawthrone. And for the girls; Kaylie Bitterman, Zoey Golt, Brianna Jiminez, Ellie Mclntyre, Autumn Renn, and Whitney West.

The final results of prom court 2021 were Autumn Rem and Conner Bell.