Phone distracting Drivers


Madilyn Lineberry

On April 22, a car crashed caused by talking to his girlfriend on the phone.

Over the last few years a conversation concerning distracted drivers has increased, one of the main topics of discussion is the cell phone. Many car crashes have been caused by people not paying attention to the cars and traffic around them because they are focusing on their cell phones. Last Thursday there was a car crash near Hamilton Mill Golf Course.

The crash was caused because the boy driving the car was talking to his girlfriend on the phone and not paying attention to the road around him, causing him to crash the car, the car caught on fire, burning neighboring trees and grass, thankful no one was gravely hurt.

Chuck Scoggins, a golf instructor, who has lessons at Hamilton Mill , says that there have been a lot of crashes and accidents over the years near that area.”People are always going fast around that corner, I had to pull a few kids out of the sewage drain a few years ago.”