College Decision Day Approaches


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College Decision Day 2021

To most people, the first of May is just another long, boring date in the Gregorian calendar. However, for high school seniors planning on going to college, this day is of utmost importance.

National College Decision Day is exactly what it sounds like, it is the day in which seniors commit to a college they have been accepted to. For most seniors, the Regular Decision application season ended late March, giving them about a month to decide on a college.

As students and their parents weigh the pros and cons of attending each school, such as financial aid packages, the social atmosphere, and the overall value, they are deciding where they will spend the next four years.

Several Mill Creek Seniors already know where they are going to college and several do not.

“I feel so at ease going to a school that is perfect for my major and future career. I’m really happy where I’m going next fall,” said YungEun Le, 12, attending Georgia Tech ‘25.

“I’m asking myself: Do I want to put myself into debt just to go to a big name school or do I want to go for the more affordable in-state route?” said Caitlyn Simmard, 12.