Online Students Get Drive-Thru Free Lunch


Madi Lineberry

Online students can get drive thru lunch from the school.

Since school started back there have been many changes to the normal schedule that usually happens, including lunch. Since many students decided to stay at home to complete the school year the cafeteria staff and school have had to adjust to fit the new guidelines for this year.

The lunchroom staff have been giving out free lunch to both, in school and out of school students. Cafeteria Manager, Tammy Baylor said, “All digital learning students are able to come through the curb side, and get the day’s lunch and the following day’s breakfast. Monday through Friday, we serve here at Mill Creek from 10:30 a.m. to 12:40 p.m.” The schedule was Monday through Thursday at first, but was recently changed to every day of the week.

Baylor said, “We can no longer have students use the spoons and spatulas to get their food. So we’re having to individually bag everything except for things like apples or bananas.”

“At lunchtime, it’s a hot entree and whatever we are serving on the line grill. They also get two vegetables each day, the vegetables are according to what we serve inside,” Baylor said, ”the students also get two fruits.”

The new guidelines will be continuing through December or the end of the semester, ”We’ve been told that it will continue till the end of December.”