“It” Chapters One and Two (SPOILERS)

The Clown Takedown


"IT Chapter 2" by andriy bata courtesy-(Creative Commons)

Bill Skarsgård plays Pennywise the Clown, in “It” Chapters One and Two.

Stephen King has written many horror stories such as “The Long Walk,” “The Dark Tower,” and perhaps his most famous novel, “It.” The novel was published on September 15, 1986, and in 1990, “It” was made into a miniseries.

In 2017, the franchise was split up into two films, Chapter One and Chapter Two. The first movie was focused on seven kids who are known as the “Losers Club” in Derry, Mainie.

Each kid has a difficult home life, which caused the demonic clown Pennywise (also own as It) to target them.

After Bill’s brother, Georgie, goes missing, he convinces his friends to help him look for his brother near the sewers because that’s where Georgie was last seen. Eddie, Richie, Stanely, and Bill are all unaware that’s where Pennywise lives. After leaving the sewer,s all four boys meet Ben, after he got attacked by the town bully, Henry Bowers.

When trying to help Ben, the boys meet Beverly Marsh. Later, both are admitted into the “Losers Club.”

Mike Halon, who the club saved from Henry Bowers and his friends, explains how he’s been seeing a clown, and the rest of the group shares how they have all too.

The club decides to confront Pennywise in the sewers. After defeating the clown, all seven kids make a vow that if Pennywise ever returns, they will too.

In Chapter Two, the movie picks up 27 years later. The dispersed club members, who are now adults, are called to fulfil their oath they made when they were all kids, by Mike, who stayed in Derry.

The crew comes back to their hometown besides Stanley, who kills himself because he feels he can’t face Pennywise again. The other members of the “Losers Club” come up with a plan to defeat Pennywise. The group go back to Pennywise’s domain, and as the team fights the clown, Eddie is impaled by Pennywise after saving Richie.

Eddie discovers that making “It” believe he isn’t scary is the key to defeat him. As the others bully “It” to death, Eddie dies.

The remaining members of the “Losers Club” escape the sewers with their lives as it falls apart because Pennywise is dead. After Pennywise dies, the others go back to their lives, but not before mourning and remembering Eddie and Stanely.