Spotlight-Sarah Sheroski


Madi Lineberry

Sheroski reads ” The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe to her fourth period class.

Sarah Sheroski is the new ninth grade language arts teacher. Sheroski earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology and language arts at the University of Michigan. After college, she moved to Florida for about five years, meeting her husband while she lived there. Later she moved to Georgia because of her husband’s job relocation.

“I did an alternative teaching program in Florida, where I was able to teach certain subjects, and I was qualified for language arts, Sheroski said. I was also qualified for social science, but I decided just to stick with language arts, mostly because that’s what was available in the job market, but [I] really enjoy English and language arts. I wanted to take my joy of that and bring it into the classroom.”

Sheroski taught seventh grade when she lived in Florida. Sheroski says,I was teaching seventh grade language arts. And I noticed the demographic differences and depth of understanding and the ability to have a conversation with high school. Teaching middle school was fun, but it’s nice to have [high school students] when it comes to the analysis of writing.

Sheroski wishes the best for students this year. “I think as a teacher that you always kind of drive yourself to have new goals and have growth every year that you’re doing this, just because this is an ever evolving career,” Sheroski said. “The way we learn is so different and always changing. While there’s foundational things, we need to know to stay relevant to our time. We [as] teachers want you [as] students to be as successful as you possibly can.”

“I think as a teacher you’re always setting new goals for yourself every year, because this is a such a forever changing career.”