Dance Spotlight: Amirah Ashby


Lydia Roberts

(Left to Right) Gabriella Lee, 11, Amirah Ashby, 10, and Madi Redmond, 9 perform their special part during the dance, “Ladies Night.”

Jessica Lamptey, Yearbook

Amirah Ashby, 10 is a Mill Creek dance student who is in Suzanna Muck’s Jazz 1 dance class and has just finished her fourth dance show.
When asked about how she felt after the dance show, Ashby said, “I feel really good right now. I’m really upbeat and proud of how I did as well as how my class did and just the entire show in general. I feel like I worked really hard on all my dances, and I think I did really well on my special parts. Overall, I think this show was amazing.”
Ashby has been dancing since she was three years old and is currently enrolled at Buford School of Ballet and has been dancing there for eight years and finished their show “Evening at the Ballet.” She has been on pointe for three years and though she doesn’t use pointe during school shows, she still gets to showcase her ballet skills with her turns and technique.
When asked about the upcoming shows for the 2023-24 school year, she said, “I’m really excited about them. I always want us to go upward and move forward, and after this show I think the shows will only get better.”