Softball Senior Night


Emily Laycock

Varsity softball players Annalee Keys,12, and Lael Ayala, 12, embrace during the reading aloud of senior letters.

Last Thursday the Varsity Softball team held their annual Senior Night, an event to honor their graduating class of the season. The graduating seniors on the team include Lael Ayala, Annalee Keys, Gabi Griffin, Abby Crowe, Jasmine Sanchez, and Madison Mulkey. Before the game, the players were honored by being introduced and walking down to home plate with their family. The festivities continued post-game with the reading aloud of the player’s senior letters. Each player was allotted five minutes for a pre-recorded letter, read aloud by them, reflecting on their four years in the program and thanking their friends, family, coaches, and friends.

For Keys and Griffin this was a special moment from the night, because they were able to relax and reflect with loved ones. “My favorite moment was sitting beside the other seniors in the pitching circle, listening to their speeches about how much this program has meant to them. I loved being able to experience softball through their eyes,” Griffin said.

Many of the players have been playing together since they were toddlers and have moved up together throughout the ranks. Thus, the bonds they have created run beyond the field and into long lasting friendships. Keys touched on this, mentioning a moment during the night that put into perspective both the friendships she has formed and her high school career coming to an end.

“I got pictures back from the night and there was one of me hugging my best friend, Lael Ayala. It made me realize when she goes off to Harvard and I go off to Piedmont, we will be 17 hours away by car. I called her immediately and said I was going to miss seeing her everyday and playing ball with her,” Keys said.