Spotlight: Anna Vasquez

Anna Vasquez who is teaching geometry at Mill Creek High School this year.
Anna Vasquez who is teaching geometry at Mill Creek High School this year.
Courtesy to Anna Vasquez

Anna Vasquez is a math teacher at Mill Creek who specializes in teaching Geometry this year. She started out as a long term substitute teacher in 2016 and then became a regular teacher in 2017. In total, she has been teaching for 22 years.

She graduated high school in Gwinnett County at Meadow Creek High School. She has a degree in computer science and a minor in math after attending Georgia State University as an undergraduate. For grad school, she went to Piedmont College, now called Piedmont University, where she earned her degree in secondary math education. After graduating from college she worked as a web programmer for a few years.

After that, she started her first years of teaching at South Gwinnett High School before moving to Peachtree Ridge for several years. She then got involved with working at Mill Creek after coming off of a long term leave, “I stayed home with my son and then I came to Mill Creek as a long term sub and fell in love with the students and the faculty. All the staff, everybody here, was just amazing and so involved and seemed to really care about the kids,” Vasquez continues, “That’s when I knew it was the place I wanted to be plus I have kids in the community, my own children, and I just thought it would be really awesome to be where my kids were.”

During the interview, Vasquez shared her reasons on why she decided to become a teacher, “When I was younger, I always loved doing the group work and I kind of liked taking charge of the situation and trying to get everyone to work together.” She brought up how her helping others, even if she didn’t know the answer herself, was what she enjoyed. Making a connection with others. She uses this method in her classroom years later, “When I’m working with somebody one on one, its good to just figure out what they’re thinking, to be able to help them move past any misconceptions.”

Many if not all teachers work hard to see students grow and exhilarate throughout their years in school. Vasquez being one of them. She explained how similar to other teachers she just wants kids to care about their education and grades just as much asĀ  she does, “I’d like kids to want it, want their grade almost as much as I want it for them,” Vasquez continued, “I would say what I’d like for my students is to learn a little bit about hard work.”


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