“Everything, Everything” Book Review

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon
“Everything, Everything” by Nicola Yoon

“Everything, Everything,” a New York Times best seller, by Nicola Yoon, is a captivating and emotionally-charged novel that dives into the power of love and resilience. The story follows the life of Maddy, a young girl with a rare disease that restricts her from leaving her home. As she forms a deep connection with her new neighbor; Olly, Maddy embarks on a journey of self-discovery and takes risks she never thought possible. With engaging prose and a unique narrative style that incorporates emails, IMs, and illustrations, this book effortlessly pulls the reader into Maddy’s world, evoking a rollercoaster of emotions and leaving a lasting impact.

Yoon explores the themes of love, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness in “Everything, Everything.” Through Maddy’s perspective, the author highlights the importance of embracing life and seizing every opportunity, even in the face of adversity. The novel also raises thought-provoking questions about the true meaning of existence and the lengths we would go to experience genuine connection.

Yoon, has captivated readers with her thought-provoking and emotionally stirring novels. Her current work, “The Sun is Also a Star,” dived into the complexities of empathy and its profound impact on individuals. Through her storytelling, Yoon explores the power of connection and the ability of love to transcend societal boundaries. Her compelling narrative and insightful exploration of themes make her a beloved figure in the literary world.

In 2022, Yoon won the Audie Award for Short Stories/Collections, which was presented by the Audio Publishers Association (APA). As a testament to the novels success, it was adapted into a movie in 2017. The film brought the story to life on the big screen, starring Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson. It gained positive reviews and further expanded the fanbase of the book. The combination of the book’s compelling narrative and the movie’s visual portrayal contributed to the widespread popularity of “Everything, Everything.”

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